Your One Stop Shop for 2021’s AEP Season

Medicare”s Annual Enrollment Period begins on October 15. Here are some helpful resources you can use to make sure you have everything you need to sell Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans this AEP.

2021 AHIP Training

AmeriLife Marketing Group is here to support agents who sell Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. Our agents can access AHIP’s 2021 Medicare certification for only $125. That’s a $50 savings just for being part of our team. As an added bonus to our producing agents, we will reimburse 100% of your AHIP costs when you have 5 issued 2021 Medicare Advantage enrollments.

2021 Carrier Specific Certifications

While AHIP’s 2021 Medicare certification is a requirement to sell Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans, some carriers have additional requirements. To make things easier for you, we’ve consolidated these requirements on this page: Carrier Specific Requirements

2021 Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription First Looks

First looks are on the horizon! As carriers release new information about their plans for 2021, we will be sharing this information with agents. You can view first looks on the link below or contact your marketer at 800-531-1411. Find out more about First Looks  

Online Enrollment Platforms and Quoting Tools

Adjusting to the new normal has been a challenging process. Fortunately, AmeriLife Marketing Group offers a suite of online tools that make remote sales easy. YourMedicare gives agents the ability to obtain an e-SOA, quote and enroll clients online, and manage past and present enrollment applications with an easy-to-use web platform. Learn More

Lead Opportunities

AmeriLife Marketing Group provides excellent lead options for our agents. Submit 10, in force Medicare supplement policies or 10 Medicare Advantage enrollments and you will qualify for a free 1,000 piece lead mailer. Our lead platform, LeadMax, also gives agents the option to purchase qualified leads. Submit Policies, Earn Leads

Here to Help

We are here to help with all other AEP support needs to make sure agents have the best possible season they can. With over 100 years of combined senior market experience, our marketing staff is equipped to handle any and all questions you might have about this upcoming Annual Enrollment Period. Contact us today at 800-531-1411.