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The Excellence of Marketing

Are you approaching your work with excellence as your primary outcome? If you are what you repeatedly do, as Aristotle famously said, are you practicing the habit of excellence? Excellence provides meaning. It’s built on passion, and it generates even more passion from both you and your clients. Excellence defines. It differentiates. Read More

Sure Steps to Success

In life, when you’re credible, the world and its riches are there for the taking. In fact, your only limitation is what your imagination can dream up. Here are five proven ways to improve your credibility, which will make you a much more persuasive person: Read More

Why You’re Not Producing

Nothing works if you don’t. If others are producing the result you want, it’s likely they’re taking tried-and-true actions to produce those results. If you are not producing the results you want right now, it’s likely that you aren’t doing so for one of the following three reasons: Read More

How You Get Paid

You don’t get paid to discover and keep track of the reasons you can’t do something. You don’t get paid for complaining. You create value worth paying for when you figure out how you can do something. Read More

Escaping Frustration

Frustration is normal, but holding on to frustration is no fun. It’s not even helpful: if the situation isn’t great, adding frustration on top of it just makes it worse. How can we calm ourselves and let go of our frustrations, so we’re not so irritated and angry throughout the day? Read More