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True Independent Freedom

Many promise the freedom to be your own boss, but don’t supply the career path to true independence. AmeriLife Marketing Group has been supporting agents build a career the provides true financial independence for over 50 years.

High Earning Potential

As an independent agent, you have uncapped earning potential. We provide you, a pathway to direct contracts, where “you” are in full control of your commissions. AmeriLife Marketing Group helps you build a renewal income that can be used for any future you fit.

Lead Support

As we know that independent means that one size does not fit all, AmeriLife Marketing Group supplies a lead approach that is flexible to support the independent insurance agent.


The Senior Health Insurance Market consists of complex products and extensive information. AmeriLife Marketing Group supplies unlimited support to help you stay on top of the ever-changing market.

Technology Support

Our keen interest to ensure the use of the latest technology at AmeriLife Marketing Group helped us climb to the top of the broker market. Now, we want to extend this platform to you. Exploit this opportunity and amplify your production rate.


Work hard, but play harder. AmeriLife Marketing Group supplies our independent agents the ability to win various trips around the world and other incentives.

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Top Questions section

Can I refer people and make money?
Why refer when AMG can show you how to build your own agency. As an independent agent, you have the ability to grow and build your own opportunities and we can show you how.
Do I get residuals?
Yes! As an independent agent, most of the carriers we provide give vesting and renewals on their agreements. This is an important aspect of growing as an independent agent.
Am I a captive agent?
No. Agents who utilize all the values of AmeriLife Marketing Group are independent and self-employed.
Do I have to be appointed through AmeriLife Marketing Group?
Yes. As an independent agent, you have the freedom to work with whomever you like, but AMG’s resources are best leveraged when all your appointments align with us.
Can I work other jobs?
Yes. AmeriLife Marketing Group would like to help make your career as an independent insurance agent your sole source of income. Our goal is to help you build a career of true independent freedom.
Will I be an AmeriLife or AmeriLife Marketing Group employee?
You are not an employee of AmeriLife Marketing Group, you are an independent agent and your own boss. We are an outlet to help you build a true independent career path in the insurance business.

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