Agent Support » Renewal Purchase Program

Our Renewal Purchase Program Converts Commissions to Capital

Agents rely on our Renewal Purchase Program for debt-free cash to grow and expand their businesses or for personal needs.

The process is simple and quick. We valuate an agent’s or agency’s commissions and extend a purchase offer, often within a week.

We work with many types of commissions:

  • Traditional Whole Life
  • Long-Term Care
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Final Expense (burial)
  • Accident Coverage
  • Universal Life and Disability Income
  • Limited Benefit Health Plans

If you need capital without incurring debt, discover the true value of your commissions by calling us toll-free at (855) 277-1569, or emailing us at