We at AMG want to provide our agents high quality technological and educational resources. The competitive industry gives us limited time to constantly be on top of our game. Get started on your certifications today and be equipped prior to the upcoming enrollment season. Visit our Carrier Information page for an insight on AmeriLife Marketing Group’s Medicare Advantage carriers.

AHIP certification can be an asset to agents and, some of our carriers require it to cover core requirements. Therefore, we recommend using our AHIP certification module. AmeriLife Marketing Group is proud to be able to help support our agents that sell Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. That’s why our agents will be able to access AHIP’s Medicare certification for only $125. That’s a $50 savings to you just for being part of our team. Simply click here to access your Medicare certification training. As an added “Thank You” to our writing agents we would like to pay for 100% of your AHIP costs after you have five issued Medicare Advantage enrollments. Ask your Marketing Director or contact us to learn how you can qualify.

Review the list given below to commence your certifications for the carriers offered by AMG.

All the best! We look forward to supporting you through the certification process with our resources and bring success to your business. – The AMG Team