WellCare Certification

2019 Annual Certification Training is now available at http://www.wellcareuniversity.com!

Agents will have three attempts to pass the mastery exam with a minimum score of 85% If the exam is failed, there is a 24 hour lock out before another attempt can be used. Three failed attempts results in a six month suspension status.

2019 AHIP Completion and Submittal to WellCare

New agents are required to complete the 2019 AHIP training before becoming certified with WellCare. To send completed AHIP certification to WellCare, access your AHIP homepage, login with your credentials, and click on ‘transmit’ next to WellCare (1099). http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/clients/wallcare/1099

After all requirements are completed, WellCare will send an email letting you know you are ready to sell!

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