AmeriLife Marketing Group

AmeriLife Marketing Group (AMG) is one of the largest health, life and annuity marketing organizations in the nation today. AMG is primarily focused on the senior market. AMG develops health life and annuity products with our insurance partners and distributes these products through our extensive network of Independent Agents.

Agent Training

Our Agent Training resource connects industry leaders with agents to learn how to expand your business. Let us help you increase your business and tap into new markets of the insurance industry.

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Practice Your Role; Perfect Your Pitch

Professionals and performers rehearse. They prepare themselves to do their very best work when it matters most. In insurance sales and marketing, it’s easy to pretend you’re too busy to train and to role-play your most important conversations, creating a...

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Medicare’s Wellness Visit Not a ‘Physical’

Many beneficiaries are being tripped up by Medicare’s confusing coverage rules. Federal law prohibits the health care program from paying for annual physicals, and patients who get them may be on the hook for the entire amount. Beneficiaries pay nothing...

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What’s Greater Than Experience?

There are some jobs – and many assignments – where experience matters a great deal, because experience outweighs almost any other factor. But most of the time, experience shouldn’t be weighted as heavily as your attitude, your skills, your character, your...

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What Our Agents Are Saying

Damon H. – General Agent

AmeriLife, and specifically Dan Miller, have been wonderful to work with! Most Organizations won’t answer a phone call or return phone calls, but Dan is an example of Superior Customer Service. Dan goes the extra mile to ensure that we as Agents are ready...

Ben M. – General Agent

AmeriLife and I started a relationship a few years ago. The abundance in quality resources, and the friendly marketers always found a way to fix problems efficiently. Also, being a seasoned agent I preferred a company who is technologically advanced...

Kathy J. – Insurance Specialist

I have been working with Sean for about 2 years. Sean makes it easy to work with AmeriLife Marketing. He is knowledgeable and always willing to assist. If he doesn't know an answer, he finds out promptly. Sean has been an asset to the growth of my...

Manny M. – General Agent

As a new agent getting into the final expense arena, I was skeptical and scared as to who I should partner up with in order to be successful. I have spoken with many FMO'S that painted a perfect picture. However, after my initial phone call with Jake West...

Karen S – General Agent

I just wanted to express my thanks to Amerilife Marketing and Devon Williams. I have been working with him for several months, and he is always there to answer my questions and is always supportive in sending me needed information. I have worked with a...

About AmeriLife

“AmeriLife Marketing Group is an AmeriLife company. Founded in 1971 as a single insurance office, AmeriLife has grown into a leading independent marketing organization. We offer insurance and retirement solutions to provide peace of mind and help people live longer, healthier lives. Agents, agencies, carriers, affiliates and business partners benefit from AmeriLife’s scalability, extensive distribution network, product development capabilities and turnkey administrative support. We are also committed to supporting worthy causes and charitable activities in the communities where we live and work.”