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Our Story

Founded in 1971, AmeriLife Marketing Group has been able to bridge the needs of insurance companies and independent distribution channels throughout the country.

Navigating from concept to marketplace, AmeriLife Marketing Group designs and distributes leading-edge products that continue to meet the needs of our ever-changing marketplace. We have the experience that allows us to grow your business and build long-term relationships.

Nick Hildenbrand, President

To truly discuss my relationship with AmeriLife Marketing Group is to truly express gratitude and appreciation for the consistency and support throughout the years. It all started with an incredible marketer named Melissa. She began to form a relationship with us and has always looked to help in all areas of our business. If you’re getting involved in the insurance business, what you need more than anything is the ability to have someone handhold and take you step-by-step through the process as you’re learning. Melissa, with the support of AmeriLife Marketing Group, has been impeccable at that. If it’s trying to contract with certain companies or if it’s understanding how certain products work, it’s always been great and a blessing to work with Amerilife Marketing Group and have them part of our team here at Strong Family Financial for 12+ years.

– Allie

Prior to contracting with AmeriLife Marketing Group, I had worked directly with several carriers for many years. Since then, I have been able to focus more time on selling due to the single point of contact for most administrative issues. Our account rep Amber, does a fantastic job of bringing new carriers, marketing opportunities and available technology to streamline our processes. This has been an extremely good experience for my agency.

– Joseph

As an independent broker who has been in the insurance business for over 40 years, I have worked with many insurance carriers, and quite a few Marketing Agencies. I started working with AmeriLife Marketing Group and Kyle about 10 years ago. I believe it is the best business decision I could have made. Kyle is extremely helpful any time I have a need and is always patient with me. I am kept informed of changes in the business, and new companies that might fit my needs. My business really took an upswing a few years ago when Kyle suggested that I should get licensed in several more states. I guess I would best describe AmeriLife Marketing Group as reliable, stable, and helpful.

– George

I have been working with Janice for 5 years and she is the reason my Medicare and Senior Business has grown by 25%. We talk on the phone once a month. Janice brings new ideas and products to my attention, that help with my marketing strategies for more clients. Janice responds to my emails and voicemails in a timely manner, giving priority to matters that need to be addressed. She is really the best marketing representative that I work with. I give Janice high praise as we work with over 50 insurance companies that offer Property/Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuity Companies, and Bonding Companies. Janice is the reason that I work with AmeriLife Marketing Group!

– John

I began working with Barry in the Fall of 2015 when I was in the process of establishing Keystone Life and Annuity. Barry’s name and telephone number was passed on to me by someone at a former agency. I was told that Barry would be a good person to use for setting up my appointments and contracts with carriers. That person was SO right! Almost seven years later, Barry is still going above and beyond to make sure that I have everything needed to ensure my success. Barry always makes weekly phone calls to check in and see if there’s anything that I need. Barry keeps me informed on new products and carriers, PLUS…. He is always there if I need something!! Barry has been a real asset in my success and will he will be the only marketer I ever use. I highly recommend Barry and AmeriLife Marketing Group to anyone looking for someone that is thoughtful, considerate, helpful, and most of all has YOUR success in mind.

– George

I love working with David because he is super responsive whenever I have an issue. This biggest benefit to working with AmeriLife Marketing Group is the electronic enrollment platform, especially during AEP. I can save my clients’ medication lists to help them again during AEP. I can’t imagine working without this now.

– Pamela

I like doing business with AmeriLife Marketing Group because they are so helpful and easy to work with. The marketing director that I work with, Amber, goes out of her way to help. Amber keeps me up to date with companies and products that work well in my state. I have worked with AmeriLife Marketing Group for several years and have enjoyed the partnership.

– Jimmy

I like doing business with AMG. Whenever I have questions or need assistance, there is a quick response to get my issues resolved. 

– Charlotte

I have been working with Janice for a number of years and frankly refuse to talk with other Medicare Recruiters. Why would I ever consider leaving a person who always listens to the needs, answers questions, and does it all with a positive professional attitude. Janice knows product, where and how to utilize product and how to share that knowledge in an easy to learn manner. Always positive, always upbeat and always my go to person for anything Medicare!

– Sandie

I have multiple brokerage company options that I can use and others that call on me for business all of the time. I always choose to write my business through Eric and AmeriLife Marketing Group. I am very open with anyone who calls on me for my business that I already have a preferred contact that always gets first shot at my business due to the relationship we have built through the years. Eric is very responsive and always gets back to me very quickly. Many times I call Eric for a rate or application that is very urgent due to an upcoming meeting, and he helps me get the information I need quickly. Eric works hard on my behalf to find out answers to questions that come up. I can’t say enough positive things about Eric and AmeriLife Marketing Group. I would refer them to any other agent with confidence.


The reason that I like doing business with AmeriLife Marketing Group is the capability to always receive help! Even though Janice is my primary account rep, there are times she is not available. So the receptionist will make sure I connect with someone to help. Everyone in AmeriLife Marketing Group is very knowledgeable, personable and caring. I have never been disappointed and never have thought about using any other group.

– Karla

I chose to do business with AmeriLife Marketing Group because of all the Carriers they had to offer in Michigan. This partnership with AmeriLife Marketing Group made it easier to offer more to my clients. My account manager that was assigned to me, Rosa, is wonderful and very easy to talk with. Rosa made setting up carriers a breeze. Rosa is very knowledgeable in what the carriers have to offer, where to find information and when I need help she is there. She is always sending me new information about products etc.. and keeps me informed.

– Kim

Here at Abercrombie Insurance, we would like to take a moment to thank Debby and AmeriLife Marketing Group for always taking time needed over the last 24 years! Debby has gone to lengths far and beyond any other. The way Debby responds with great speed, researches to stay up-to-date on the latest information in the marketplace and provides technology to help our agency’s efficiency, is huge! I trust Debby and all of my family and associates do business with her on a daily basis. Debby is honest, hard-working and extremely knowledgeable. Debby is the type of person that any company would consider a treasure to have! Thank you AmeriLife Marketing Group and Debby Vogel for the past 24 successful years and looking forward to many more to come! 

– Bryan

I have been doing business with AmeriLife Marketing Group and Amber for many years. Amber constantly monitors products and notifies me of availability. Amber provides important updates and training opportunities. As many agents have a very busy schedule, I appreciate the manner in which Amber looks out for me and the interests of my clients. I have recommended Amber to my colleagues who are equally impressed. 

– Darlene

My name is Harry. I have been working with AMG for over 10 years. Their website is excellent for many things like enrolling clients in Medicare Part D, getting appointed with new carriers and running quotes for clients. My account rep, Janice, is always available to answer questions and is excellent at her job. I highly recommend AMG and Janice.

– Harry

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