Do you think pulling marketing dollars out of thin air is…magic? Want to learn how?

Join us here on Wednesday, September 12th at 3 PM EST for a FREE educational webinar.

Often times, agents get appointed with carriers without a full understanding of their incentives.

But… what you don’t know could cost you money!

Why attend?

In this free webinar, we will go over proven techniques to cut your marketing costs.

Is it worth the time?

That depends… is saving money worth your time? Plus, we are giving away 100 T-65 prospects to all attendees. That way, you can hang up from the webinar – go out into the field – and use the techniques you learned.

Can’t make it?

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live presentation. This webinar will be recorded and available to our producers…but try not to miss out on the giveaways!
*Limited supplies are available. If multiple agents in the same area request leads, supplies may be limited and/or the area for the leads will be expanded. Agent Use only. 09061802