A Gift For You…

We have received numerous requests for a recording of our T-65 Gold Mine webinar since it aired. In the webinar, insurance sales genius, Todd Pierce takes us through his successful methods for selling to folks turning 65…you know, Medicare eligibles. He uses a tool called the Medicare Checklist to help new-to-Medicare clients understand the intricacies of Parts A and B and exactly what they cover in the ever-changing world of healthcare. We are giving away this checklist for free starting today.

How will this help me and my future clients? 2019

Traditional Medicare is replete with rules outlining every aspect of coverage, or lack of coverage, in today’s healthcare arena. This checklist lists exactly what is covered by Medicare part A and B in a clear and concise way, making it much easier to understand for the uninitiated. The checklist also reveals what isn’t covered, thus paving the way to highlight the importance of a supplemental policy.

How can I get my checklist?

Simply fill out the info box to the right and we will email you the following: 1) a .PDF copy of the Medicare Checklist, 2) the T-65 Gold Mine Webinar recording, and 3) a three module training seminar breaking down the finer points of using the Medicare Checklist.
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