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Once your contracting has been completed you can certify with the country’s largest Medicare Part D plan sponsor*! Simply go to Your Username is your agent number Your password is defaulted to password1 Certification How to Guide There are five courses you need to pass in order to sell SilverScript Part D plans to your clients. You can also choose to submit your 2019 AHIP+FWA to receive passing credit for three of the five courses:

2019 Medicare Overview for Agents

2019 Compliance Course for Agents

CMS Compliance and FWA Training

Click the green and white icon to access the course list.

After you click the icon, a list of the required training courses will appear. Start each course by clicking the blue and white launch icon next to the course name. After you complete a course and pass the exam you will be directed back to the My Courses page. Repeat the steps above until you complete all the required courses.

Course ID

Course Name


2019 Medicare Overview for Agents


2019 Compliance Course for Agents


2019 Certification for Agents


2019 SilverScript Product and Process Course for Agents


CMS Compliance and FWA Training

If you have any certification or agent portal questions, please contact: 888-277-4174 or email:

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800-531-1411 * CMS, Monthly Enrollment by Plan report. For agent use only. Not for use with consumers. Not affiliated with the United States government or the federal Medicare program. Some exclusions and limitations may apply. Some products may not be available in all areas.

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