Seize the Opportunity

Next time you’re with a client interested in purchasing a Medicare supplement, consider Plan G. While Plan F still has the most enrollees across all standardized Medicare supplement plans, G enrollments are on the rise. It’s easy to see why — the only difference in benefits is that G does not cover the Part B deductible.

BenefitPart A DeductiblePart B DeductibleExtended HospitalBloodSNF CareHospice CareCare Outside U.S.

Plan F

Plan G

Try adding the Part B deductible amount next time you quote a plan with a client. For example, if a Plan F costs $2,500 and a Plan G costs $2,000, add $183 to the Plan G quote and highlight that Plan G is still the cheaper option with the same benefits. Remember, the Part B deductible is only paid once per Medicare calendar year.

Quote annual premiums for both plans

Plan F: $2,500
Plan G: $2,000

Add the Part B deductible to the Plan G premium

Plan G Premium $2,000

Part B Deductible + $183 (subject to change)


Calculate the annual difference

Plan F Premium $2,500

Plan G + Part B - $2,183

Total Savings $317