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Getting More Out of Your Sales Leads

In a recent survey, we asked agents about what values or incentives they look for in partnering with an agency or brokerage. Most responded, “Leads!” No surprise there. Obtaining access to leads is a cornerstone of marketing in any industry. A lead can be someone who responds to a postcard advertising new plans in their area or even someone eager to buy via phone, ready to be transferred to a live agent. Methods for getting leads range widely from direct mail campaigns and cold-calling to internet advertising and seminars. Last month, we devise a method of our own: LeadMax® on AgentXcelerator®. Contracted agents can log in to AgentXcelerator®, click on ‘LeadMax®‘ under the Sales Management tab, and view their allowance, order more leads and view current leads on their account. The 1,000 piece post card mailer is the gold standard, but response rates vary based on location and the time of year. Maybe two or three people out of 1,000 responded. Perfect. Here’s how you can stand out in an industry saturated with advertising and multiply your leads.

So you’ve made an appointment with a couple (the Johnsons) who responded to your mailer. “We’d love to learn about more affordable health insurance options in our area,” they say. You know about three new very attractive HMO options in their county. Should be a straightforward sale, right? You know the Johnson’s neighbors received the same postcard and didn’t respond, but maybe if you make a great impression on your new potential clients, they’ll spread the word to the whole neighborhood. Therein lies the secret to the ultimate lead: the referral.

Getting your customers to refer you to others starts with an impression. We only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count! You don’t have to show up to the appointment in a three-piece suit and Louis Vuitton loafers, but at least come groomed and dressed nicely. When the conversation starts, do your best to personalize the process. Portray yourself more as an ally than a salesperson and leverage the social bond. Keep future correspondence less formal and match your client’s tone.

Once the ice is broken, remember: you are still the authority on insurance. We already know the Johnsons value your expertise because they responded to your postcard. Capitalize on that and don’t be afraid to showcase your knowledge. You’re more likely to get referral leads if you speak matter-of-factly with confidence (all in a friendly tone of course). If you have a website or social media page, show your credentials and any testimonials from current clientele. We see the authority principle in advertising all the time. 9 out of 10 agents agree!

At the end of the appointment, assuming everything went well, don’t hesitate to ask for the referral. You might be surprised by people’s willingness to tell others about their headache-free insurance buying experience! Also, it seems obvious, but be sure to thank everyone who refers, even if the referral doesn’t result in a sale.

Ultimately, sales and marketing are about influence. If you left a good impression after your appointment, you’ve positively influenced your clientele. The more referrals and sales, the more your influence grows. Leads of all types can work. It’s all about how you utilize them. To get started with LeadMax® and multiply your leads, visit or call 800-531-1411 for more information about our carrier partners and lead incentive programs.